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Is Credit Union Membership the Best-Kept Secret?

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Posted in President's Corner

January 2019

In a recent visit to one of our branches, I had the opportunity to meet a member who was there with his two young sons who were incredibly curious about how certain functions at the credit union worked. A relative had just made the switch from another financial institution to Reliant, and the boys wanted to know how that happened—how the money could be moved from one place to another. The boys’ father, as well as the branch staff and I, answered their many questions, and after a fun, educational visit, the three of them headed out the door. I was so proud to be there to witness what I know happens at our branches on a regular basis: our staff help our members to navigate their financial lives through education and genuine care.

I strongly believe in credit union membership. Reliant staff believe as well. You can see it in the twinkle in their eyes when they’re sharing stories about helping members save money or helping them get through difficult financial situations. I also believe that, once our members have been educated about what it means to belong to a credit union, they become lifelong believers just as my colleagues and I are!

To be a member of a credit union isn’t just to put your money somewhere that allows you to access it now and then. To be a member of a credit union is to put your finances in the hands of a community of caring individuals whose mission is to help you better your financial life.

If you’ve benefited from an improved financial life because of your Reliant membership, do you share your credit union story with friends or family? Or, as the title of my article suggests, is credit union membership the best-kept secret? Every time you share the benefits of credit union membership with a friend or family member, you’re giving that person a lifelong gift. Each time you share your credit union story, your words could have a positive, lasting impact on someone else’s financial well-being.

With that in mind, I am committed to sharing my credit union story with as many people as possible in 2019. Can I count on your help?

Pamela Heald
President & CEO

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