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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are volunteers elected by our membership (that means you!) to ensure that the credit union is doing everything it should and fulfilling its goals, while operating in an ethical, prudent, and fiscally sound way. The Board of Directors is our governing body.

  • Jane Slack headshot

    Jane E. Slack


    Since I became a member of Reliant’s Board of Directors, the credit union world has been all about change. Changes in services offered to members, changes in the ways products and services are provided to members, and changes in rules and regulations governing credit unions. These changes require vigilant change management and forward thinking so that Reliant members are affected in a positive way. My commitment as Chairperson of the Board is to continue to learn about products, services, and events affecting credit unions; and to use that information in a way that will sustain the safety and soundness of the credit union.

  • Frank Coots headshot

    Francis S. Coots

    Vice Chairperson

    I have been a member of the Board of Directors since 2000, and consider it a privilege to be part of this team. We have continued to grow in size, membership, and assets as we embrace new technologies. It has been an honor to serve the credit union’s membership, to be part of the Reliant family, and work closely with CEO Pamela Heald and the credit union’s leadership team. I appreciate the opportunity to serve and support the credit union’s mission of providing financial solutions that offer value.

  • Tom Miller headshot

    Thomas D. Miller


    Growth in membership and capital are important for the credit union to remain competitive and viable in the financial services industry. I have served on the Board of Directors for over 30 years and remain dedicated to the importance of providing outstanding member service as the key to Reliant’s success now and in the future. As we look ahead, technology will play a key role in offering products and services that members want while fostering a positive, progressive work environment for employees. I am committed to serving on the Board of Directors and supporting the membership, management, and staff at Reliant as we continue to provide the best possible service for our members.

  • John Boogaard headshot

    John F. Boogaard


    The credit union has grown its membership and expanded its footprint over the years to bring us to where we are today, serving members in Wayne, Ontario, and Monroe counties. Growth is critical for the credit union to meet our current and future members’ needs. As technology changes, it’s important for the credit union to keep pace with members’ needs and expectations. I have been an active member of the Board of Directors for several years, and served as Vice Chairperson from 2009–2023.  I am committed to serving on the board as we focus on providing products and services that meet the ever-changing needs of our membership with the priority of providing high quality member service.

  • Laurie OMara headshot

    Laurie A. O'Mara


    Each day businesses face obstacles and challenges as they strive to provide the best local experiences for their communities. I find that Reliant is leading in this area; we offer members financial solutions and education while investing time and support in community efforts. I volunteer at Reliant because it is a community-based organization that demonstrates its values and is committed to helping its members ‘achieve life.’ As a member of the board, my commitment is to look for opportunities to help Reliant thrive and grow in our community, and to listen on behalf of Reliant’s members and employees, always guiding direction and action with them in mind.

Advisory Committee to the Board

The advisory committee to the board is comprised of associate directors, who are non-voting board members who provide insights from our membership and directional perspectives.

Associate Directors

  • Holly E. Soscia
  • Jessica Wells

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee independently evaluates the soundness of Reliant Community Federal Credit Union’s operations and activities. The committee works independently of the credit union’s management to oversee the work of internal and external auditors, and is responsible to ensure that member assets are adequately safeguarded; accurate records are maintained; compliance with regulations, policies and procedures is followed; and proper business practices are followed.

Committee Members

  • Debra Vater, Chairperson
  • W. Frazier Pruitt, Secretary
  • John Baker
  • Francis S. Coots
  • Debra Hellert

How to contact the Supervisory Committee

If you have a concern or complaint, please try to resolve the problem directly with credit union management first. For example, you can call 800-724-9282, write to 10 Benton Pl., Sodus, NY 14551, or fill out the secure form on our Contact page.

In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with the response, you can appeal the matter to the Supervisory Committee, which will conduct an additional, independent review. All Supervisory Committee correspondence ONLY should be mailed to:

Reliant Community Federal Credit Union
PO Box 26
Sodus, NY 14551
Attn: Supervisory Committee

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