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Teen Account

Empower your teen to manage their money and set financial goals with an account designed to foster smart money habits for a brighter financial future.

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Designed for ages 11 to 17, Reliant’s Teen Account is the perfect way to nurture financial responsibility and independence in your teen. With their own checking account and debit card, your teen can manage their spending while learning valuable saving habits. Plus, with convenient access through online banking and the mobile app, you can guide and monitor your teen’s financial journey every step of the way, helping them develop financial literacy and responsibility.

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Our Teen Account mobile app* and online banking experience were designed with teens in mind, prioritizing simplicity and educational resources. The unique interface makes it easy to check balances, track spending, and set savings goals. With secure, 24/7 access, teens can manage their accounts anytime, anywhere, empowering them to take control of their financial future confidently.

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A parent or guardian must be joint on any Teen Account, allowing you to assist with monitoring the account and guiding your teen on appropriate usage.

Choose the amount of access your teen has to online banking: full access or shared access.

Full Access: Your teen is the primary online/mobile banking user and will have access to all Teen Account online features, such as member-to-member transfers and debit card management. Your teen will also have access to their account through Reliant’s mobile app.

Shared Access: You, as the parent or guardian, are the primary online/mobile banking user, with the ability to turn your teen’s card on and off when needed, make member-to-member transfers, and more. Once you set up your online access, you can then grant limited access to your teen, prompting them to create their own unique username and password for the account. Your teen will not be able to access their account via the mobile app, but will be able to access their account through an internet browser on their mobile device.  This will allow your teen to monitor their own spending, but not make any changes to the account.

Click here for instructions for setting up Shared Access.

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As your teen starts using their account, they can enrich their financial journey by exploring our Financial Education Center. With a diverse library of informative articles and resources, they can gain valuable insights as they begin to navigate their own financial responsibilities.

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To set up Shared Access so your teen can access their Teen Account in online banking:

  1. Log into your teen’s Reliant account from a desktop or through an internet browser.
  2. Navigate to Online Services in the top ribbon menu and select “Share access with others.”
  3. You’ll be prompted to enter your teen’s first name, last name, phone number and email.  The phone number and email can be your phone number and email. The benefit to using their own phone number and/or email is that your teen can then set up alerts and the ability to reset passwords sent to their own device. This can be updated at any time.
  4. Follow the prompts to grant the level of access for each share account you want your teen to be able to view within online banking.
    • When you select “View only,” your teen won’t be permitted to move money at all.
    • When you select “Make internal transfers,” your teen will be able to transfer funds between their accounts. This feature will not allow your teen to transfer funds to other Reliant members.
  5. Your teen will be sent two emails to the email address provided: one with a username and another with a temporary password.
  6. Once they log in using those credentials, they’ll be prompted to change their password, and can then begin accessing their account through an internet browser on their phone, computer, or tablet.

As always, if you need assistance with this or anything else, please feel welcome to stop by any branch, or call or text us at 800-724-9282 during regular business hours.

A Teen Account can easily be added to an existing youth savings account. Click here to open a Teen Account online (Select “Youth Account” from the first dropdown menu to find the Teen Account).  You can also call us at 800-724-9282 or visit your local branch for help adding a Teen Account.

Yes, a parent or guardian is required to be a joint owner for a Teen Account. A credit pull is not required to open a Teen Account.

Once a member with a Teen Account turns 18, the account will seamlessly transition to our Everyday Checking account.

For your teen’s safety, checks, Bill Pay, overdraft options, Courtesy Pay, and loans are not permitted on a Teen Account. There is a $200 daily ATM withdrawal limit.


*If you opt to give your teen Shared Access to their account in online banking (as opposed to full access), your teen will not be able to access their account via the mobile app, but will be able to access their account through an internet browser on their mobile device.

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