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Advisory Board Member Search

Posted in President's Corner

November 2018

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will allow you to make a difference? Reliant’s board of directors, comprised fully of member volunteers, is looking to appoint no more than two associate directors to make up an advisory committee by the start of 2019.

With the financial landscape ever-evolving, it is increasingly important for Reliant to be proactive in planning for the future of our board of directors. That is where the advisory committee comes in. The advisory commit- tee’s associate directors are non-voting members of the board of directors who participate in board meetings, providing their own unique and valuable perspectives on the direction of the credit union.

What are we looking for in candidates?

Strategic Thinking

One of the roles of the board of directors is to guide the credit union strategically, with integrity. With that being the case, we are looking for visionaries who have a proven record of being forward-thinking.

Diverse Perspectives

In order to be able to carry the credit union forward, it is important that we find individuals who have diverse backgrounds and experiences, and can therefore offer new and different perspectives. Associate directors will have the opportunity to provide input and offer their perspectives at board meetings.

Voice of the Membership

We value our members’ input as a way to drive our business, and this is just one more avenue through which we can gain that feedback. We are looking for candidates who are ready to bring our members’ feedback to the board room—advisory members, like board directors, come to the table as representatives of our entire membership.

Enthusiasm for Learning

With our history as a teachers’ credit union, we couldn’t leave this off the list! Associate directors will need to hit the ground running, ready to learn all about the credit union, including its history and the importance of the credit union movement. Their time spent on the advisory committee will also be an opportunity for them to learn all that is involved in being a voting member of the board of directors.

If this opportunity sounds interesting to you—if you’re someone who has independent thinking, vision, an interest in making a difference, and a belief in the need for credit unions and the services we provide—we invite you to use the links below to learn more and to apply to be considered for an associate director position on our advisory committee.

Pamela Heald
President & CEO

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