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strengthening financial foundations as a family

Teaching children the basic principles of responsible money management will be crucial in setting them up for future success and financial well-being.

The Benefits of Banking Together with Your Family

Banking as a family offers benefits beyond just financial convenience. It provides a pathway to teaching lifelong lessons, fostering healthy monetary habits, and nurturing a sense of unity within the household. By banking together, you can transform your family’s financial journey.

    • Ability to Teach Financial Lessons by Example
      Modeling healthy financial habits is one of the most impactful lessons a parent can instill in their children. By actively involving them in your family’s economic decisions and practices, they will gain invaluable real-life lessons that can shape their future behaviors. Whether budgeting for groceries, saving for a family vacation, or creating a college savings plan, every financial decision presents an opportunity for learning and growth.
    • Building Healthy Financial Habits Together
      By fostering a culture of regular saving and responsible spending, families can lay the groundwork for building long-term healthy financial habits. Simple tasks like setting aside a portion of their allowance and distinguishing between wants and needs, every step taken toward cultivating financial responsibility is a step in the right direction.
    • Using Online & Mobile Banking
      In today’s digital age, managing your finances has never been easier. With Online and Mobile Banking, you can access your accounts and perform most banking needs with just a few clicks. Our digital tools provide convenient access to your accounts anytime, anywhere. By introducing your children to the availability of online banking platforms and mobile apps, you empower them to take charge of their financial journey from the time they get their first phone.
    • Enrolling in Account Alerts
      Helping your children, especially teens, manage their money responsibly is paramount. Setting up account alerts can notify you of actions, such as if your child’s balance is low. Simple alerts can provide teachable moments for your family and help steer your child away from future financial mistakes.
    • Utilizing Payroll Deductions & Automatic Transfers
      Whether you’re transferring money to your child’s account as an allowance or ensuring your teen is saving a portion of their paycheck from their first job, automating the process makes everyone’s life easier. Payroll deductions and automatic transfers can place many routine banking transactions on autopilot – keeping your family’s finances on track without lifting a finger.
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