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Being an Engaged Member

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Posted in President's Corner

August 2022

I recently heard from a member who wanted to talk about the service she’d received in one of our branches.  She shared that she was so pleased with the helpfulness, kindness and caring that a particular staff member always showed her.

I often get similar calls or emails from many of you who want to be sure I know about great service you’ve received.  I also hear from some of you when you haven’t been as pleased with your experience, or if you want to tell me about a product or service you’d like us to offer.

This unsolicited feedback is invaluable to me and to Reliant.  Those of you who provide it are engaged in your membership in the credit union: You truly believe in the credit union mission; you want us to know when we do a good job, and want us to know when we could’ve done a better job; you understand what we do for our members and in the community; you have multiple products and services with us; you are more likely to volunteer with us.

The more of you who are engaged in Reliant, the more successful we are.  In other words, your engagement helps the credit union grow—and growth is important to credit unions, just as it is to any business.  As we grow, we are better able to build branches and ATMs and afford new technology, all of which help to attract new members and enhance your experience as an existing member.

And yet engagement may not come as easily for those who don’t understand the credit union’s philosophy, or who don’t know what sets Reliant apart from our competitors.

With that in mind, I want to share some things about Reliant that I think all members should know:

We are not-for-profit.  When revenue is made by a not-for-profit entity, that income is reinvested back into the organization. We strive to reinvest our financial success and pass it along to you in the form of better rates, new technology, expanded services, and new branches—like the Farmington branch you may have heard we’re building!

We want to help you better your financial life.  We are focused on helping you work toward your financial goals.  Members of our team are trained to make sure your financial needs are fully met with every interaction you have with them.  They’ll ask how else they can help you, or what your goals are, hoping that we’ll be able to help save you time or money in other ways.  This is what makes so many Reliant members extremely loyal to us.  And we appreciate that.

We are concerned for our communities.  We look for ways to give back by making monetary and in-kind donations and volunteering for local charities.  The way we save you money also benefits our communities.  Whenever we put money back in your pocket by saving you money on an auto buyout loan or mortgage refinance, you can then spend that money elsewhere in the community, or add it to your savings.

We listen to our members.  We’re always taking notes, because we value your thoughts and ideas.  If you share a frustration with us, we’ll work hard to make it right.  Your feedback is always considered, and it can often result in changes down the road to what we offer.

We have all of that plus all the products and services you’d expect at ANY financial institution!  I encourage you to learn more about everything we can offer you.  From a robust mobile app to mortgages and business loans to credit cards—I’ll bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at everything that’s available to you as a Reliant member.

It takes every one of us for Reliant to be successful.  If you’re happy with your relationship with us and what we’ve done for you, refer someone who needs the caring, compassionate service offered by your credit union.  As a token of our gratitude, we’ll reward you—and any friend you refer who joins!*

I also invite you to visit our website, reliantcu.com, and look around.  Talk to members of our team—in a branch, via telephone or text, or via chat on our website or in our app—and ask them questions.  Share your ideas.  Provide feedback.  We know that the more you interact with us, the more engaged you will become.

And if you have any ideas on what we can do to help make you more engaged, feel free to send me a comment using the button below.  I love hearing from you!

As always, thank you for your membership!

Pamela Heald
President & CEO

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*Learn more on our website or at any branch.

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