Overdraft Options

choose the right overdraft option for you

Life is busy and unpredictable. Despite your best efforts, it can be easy to lose track of your account balance. That’s why we offer overdraft protection so you can avoid excess fees and protect your accounts.

  • Standard Courtesy Pay

    With this service, Reliant will pay a transaction(s) when there aren’t sufficient funds in your account to cover the transaction(s). It is available to members 18 and older who are in good standing. A fee is charged for each transaction that Reliant covers.

  • Expanded Courtesy Pay

    This service covers the same transactions that Standard Courtesy Pay covers, plus it covers everyday debit card transactions from your checking account. You must opt-in for Expanded Courtesy Pay. There is no fee to have this service unless you have to use it.

  • Overdraft Line of Credit (ODLOC)

    An ODLOC provides protection from “bounced” checks, and the fees that go along with them. Should you accidentally overdraw your checking account, Reliant will automatically advance the necessary funds from your credit line (up to your available limit). There is no fee to have an ODLOC, so you’ll never pay a penny for it if you never have to use it.

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  • Overdraft from Savings

    This service gives you the option to take funds from your regular savings (-0) account to cover overdrafts in your checking account, subject to your available balance, at a cost of $1 per transaction. This option is available in addition to the overdraft line of credit.


Overdraft protection from savings helps protect your checking account from insufficient funds charges and “bounced” checks. Should you choose to take advantage of this service, we will transfer funds from your savings account (-0) to your checking account (-900) as needed to cover a check or withdrawal request. The funds transferred will be the exact amount (subject to the available balance in your savings account) necessary to cover your check or withdrawal, leaving your checking account with a $0.00 balance.

Both programs transfer the exact amount necessary to cover your check or withdrawal and maintain your checking account balance at zero, but the Overdraft Line of Credit is a Loan, which you pay back with interest.  The Overdraft from Savings transfers your own funds from your savings for a fee instead of interest. Neither
has a cost if it is never used. Since the Overdraft Line of Credit is a loan, you must apply and be approved for it; Overdraft Protection from Savings is available on request.

Yes. Should your checking account be protected by both programs, Reliant recommends that the Overdraft Line of Credit be your first option, as it is generally the least expensive option for you, followed by the Overdraft Protection from Savings program. You have the option, however, to choose otherwise, if you wish. Courtesy Pay privileges (which temporarily allow eligible accounts to become negative) may be accessed only after available overdraft lines of credit and overdraft from savings options have been fully utilized.

Standard Courtesy Pay is a service available to members in good standing who have checking accounts.

You must opt-in to allow Expanded Courtesy Pay coverage.

Because an Overdraft Line of Credit is a loan, you must apply.  You can do that online, at any branch, or by calling 800-724-9282.

To add Overdraft from Savings, simply call us at 800-724-9282 or visit any branch.

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