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Enroll in Visa eStatements

Go paperless and streamline your finances with Visa eStatements.

how to enroll

You can enroll in Visa eStatements in online banking or by using the Reliant app. For a quick overview, watch the video below, or follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account and select the Reliant Visa credit card account you’d like to enroll in eStatements from the Accounts list.

2. Select the “Statements” icon in the navigation bar.

3. Once on the Statements page, scroll down and select the “eStatement Enrollment” link.

4. You will be prompted to download a PDF so that our system knows your device is capable of downloading PDF eStatements.  Follow the remaining prompts to complete enrolling in eStatements.

Note: If you have both a Reliant Visa Platinum credit card and a Reliant Visa Signature® Rewards credit card, you will have to follow the steps to enroll each card separately.

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