Balance Transfers

balance transfers made simple

Save on interest and simplify your monthly payments by transferring your high-rate balances to a low-rate Reliant Visa® credit card.

how to transfer your balance


Before You Begin
Gather the following information to prepare for transferring a balance from another card or loan to your Reliant Visa credit card account.

  • The payee’s name (the name of the other credit card company or lender)
  • The payment address
  • Your account number with that payee
  • The exact amount you would like to transfer

Transfer Your Balance
You can transfer balances from other cards or loans using Reliant’s app. For a quick overview, watch the video below, or follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account in the app and select from the Accounts list the Reliant card to which you’d like to transfer your balance.
  2. From the Visa credit card account page, select “More” from the bottom right navigation bar.
  3. Select “Balance Transfer” from the bottom navigation bar.
  4. Complete the form. The “Payee” is the name of the other credit card company or lender.
  5. Submit the form to initiate your balance transfer.

The process works similarly within online banking. You can also call or visit a branch to complete a balance transfer.

Note that even after initiating the balance transfer, you must continue making your monthly payments on the card you’re transferring from until the transfer is complete. Typically, your credit card provider will receive payments within 10 business days.

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