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Reliant is a Top Workplace for the Second Year in a Row!

April 2019 I am pleased to announce that Reliant has been chosen as a Top Workplace in the Rochester area for the second year in a row! The Top Workplaces were announced at a reception on March 27 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. To give a little background, the Top Workplaces competition is conducted by the Democrat and Chronicle … Continue reading

Is Credit Union Membership the Best-Kept Secret?

January 2019 In a recent visit to one of our branches, I had the opportunity to meet a member who was there with his two young sons who were incredibly curious about how certain functions at the credit union worked. A relative had just made the switch from another financial institution to Reliant, and the boys wanted to know how … Continue reading

Advisory Board Member Search

November 2018 Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will allow you to make a difference? Reliant’s board of directors, comprised fully of member volunteers, is looking to appoint no more than two associate directors to make up an advisory committee by the start of 2019. With the financial landscape ever-evolving, it is increasingly important for Reliant to be … Continue reading

Have you tried Money Management in online banking?

August 2018 Helping our members improve their financial lives is incredibly important to us at Reliant. We understand that improvement can mean different things to different people, so we like to offer a variety of tools and services to help members, no matter what their needs are. One such tool is Money Management within online banking. If you have accounts … Continue reading

Our Culture—Our Difference

April 2018 From a member’s perspective, it might be hard to pinpoint what is special or unique about our culture at Reliant. We’ve worked hard to maintain a work environment that flourishes a gift of natural cooperation and respect for one another, as well as our members. We Start from the Beginning When a new employee joins our team, the … Continue reading

Goals: A Safe, Secure Start

January 2018 Happy New Year! Last month, I encouraged you to come up with some financial goals for 2018. Most of my suggested goals were truly financial in nature (paying down debt, saving for something, cutting back, etc.), but one important topic that we can always stand to make goals around is taking steps to protect ourselves from fraud. There … Continue reading

Help Us Help You Protect Your Identity

November 2017 Identity theft is not a new topic. We communicate frequently to you about the importance of taking steps to safeguard your identity. The Equifax breach is a recent event that keeps this at the top of mind. Unfortunately, data breaches aren’t new, and they’re also not going to go away. My hope today is not to scare you, … Continue reading

Protecting Yourself Against Fraud, vol. 3

May 2017 ATMs. Gas pumps. Self-checkout payment pads. What do all three have in common? All of them can be physically hacked by scammers to enable them to skim your credit or debit card information—and that kind of hacking is unfortunately on the rise. Skimming, to give you a brief overview, requires perpetrators to place some sort of device either … Continue reading

Protecting Yourself Against Fraud, vol. 2

April 2017 According to findings from a study recently released by Javelin Strategy & Research, identity fraud hit a record high last year, increasing by more than 2 million victims over the previous year. I took some time to read through the study’s findings, and one thing, in particular, jumped out at me: The study found that those who conduct … Continue reading

Protecting Yourself Against Fraud

March 2017 It’s tax season, and in case you haven’t heard, that’s prime season for identity theft. At Reliant, we are constantly investing in new fraud-detecting and -preventing technologies as they become available, and we update our Fraud/ID Theft page with information about new scams as we learn about them. We know that we as a credit union must always … Continue reading

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