Visa Debit Card

Reliant's Visa debit card allows you to pay for purchases right out of your account, anywhere Visa is accepted.

Alerts and Fraud Detection Service

Debit card fraud is on everyone’s mind these days. With your Reliant Visa Debit Card you can be protected with Visa Purchase Alerts – a free service for Reliant members. You can sign up to receive a real-time* text** or email each time your card is used. This helps to let you know right away if someone is using your card (or card information) and it’s a great tracking tool, too! Reliant also utilizes a fraud detection service that identifies and notifies you of potential fraud on your account.

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A Small Chip with Big Security

All Reliant Visa debit cards have EMV chips that are designed to better protect you from fraud. EMV cards carry security credentials that help prevent skimming and cloning. When a terminal is chip-enabled, it will read the magnetic strip and instruct you to insert the chip card into the terminal. (Click here for more information about EMV technology.)

FREE, Safe, and Easy to Use!

If you prefer not to keep cash on hand and aren’t one to carry a checkbook, then a Reliant Visa debit card is for you! Available with a Reliant checking account1 or savings account, a Reliant Visa debit card lets you access your money easily and securely—online, in-store, at the ATM, and more! Plus, enjoy no foreign-transaction fees.

Convenient Access to Cash

It’s FREE to use your Reliant Visa debit card at any Reliant ATM, and you can use non-Reliant ATMs (just look for the VISA, NYCE, or PLUS network logos) five times per month for free!2 Use the ATM Quick Links on this page to find a Reliant ATM or a surcharge-free ATM, 3 in your vicinity. If you’ve exhausted your five free ATM visits already and aren’t near a Reliant ATM, you can use a PIN when paying at some retailers, and opt for cash back for a fee-free withdrawal!

Tip: Avoid the embarrassment of a rejected debit card transaction (available with a checking account only) by opting into Expanded Courtesy Pay.

Mobile Wallet—featuring Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay, & Google Pay

Use your eligible smartphone, tablet, or smart watch to make purchases using your Reliant Visa debit card, without the hassle of getting your card out of your wallet! When using your debit card, it is recommended that you select the “credit” rather than the “debit” (PIN-based) option for the transaction. Not all terminals and systems are configured to be able to work for debit transactions. 

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Get Rewarded for Using Your Debit Card!

Turn everyday purchases into cash—earn rewards just for shopping with your Reliant Visa debit card!

View and activate your available rewards through Reliant’s online banking site or mobile banking app.4 Then, shop using your Reliant Visa debit card, and enjoy the rewards!

The cash earned from redeeming your activated offers will be automatically deposited each month for the rewards redeemed the prior month.

Need to Change Your PIN?

You have two easy options, either of which will let you select a 4-digit PIN that will be effective immediately. 

  1. Change your PIN at a Reliant ATM —With this option, you can change your PIN multiple times within a 24-hour period. Use the ATM Quick Links on this page to find a Reliant ATM near you.
  2. Call PIN NOW at 866-985-2273 —With this option, you can only change your PIN once in a 24-hour period. In addition, for security purposes, you must call from a phone number you have previously provided us on your account.

Security Features

We like to say that your Reliant Visa debit card is safer than carrying cash. Why? Consider these benefits of using your Reliant Visa debit card:

  • Reliant’s fraud detection service identifies and notifies you of potential fraud on your account for additional security.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced.
  • Your card is protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.5
  • Verified by Visa is the free and easy way to enjoy added security for all your online Visa card purchases.
  • EMV chip-enabled technology is available for greater security

Through the secure authentication process, your identity is protected and confirmed—with your personal password—each time you make a purchase at a participating merchant site with your debit card or credit card. With Verified by Visa, you can be assured that using your Reliant Visa card online is just as safe as using it at a local merchant around the corner!

* Actual time to receive a transaction alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area.

** Message and data rates may apply.

1: Must be 16 years of age

2: Refer to Reliant’s Fees list for details.

3: Reliant has cooperative relationships with several credit unions in the area as well as Publix, which allows our members to use their ATMs with no surcharge. Surcharges are the fees that financial institutions charge for using cards from other financial institutions in their ATMs.

4: You must be signed up for Online Banking to be able to take advantage of Purchase Rewards.

5: Please refer to your Electronic Funds Transfers Disclosure Statement for further details on this policy.

LOST or STOLEN card? 

Contact us right away: 
800-724-9282 during normal business hours 
888-918-7765 available 24/7

ATM Quick Links

Reliant Branch Locations – View the addresses of Reliant’s branches. All branches offer 24/7 ATM access. 

ATM Locator – Find Reliant ATMs and surcharge-free ATMs in your vicinity!

Publix Locator – Find surcharge-free ATMs located in Publix Supermarkets in the Southeast US.

 Travel Tips

Did you know that when you travel out-of-state or to a foreign country, your Reliant Visa debit card could be denied access for security purposes?

If you plan to use your Reliant Visa debit card when traveling, please contact Reliant at least 24 hours prior to your departure with your travel dates and destination(s).

By providing this information in advance, usage restrictions on your account can be lifted during the specified time frame in the designated location(s).

Complete and submit the secure, electronic travel notification form (available 24/7) found within online banking > Online Services > Secure Forms > Travel Notification Form. You can also give us a call at 800-724-9282 or visit any branch location to have peace of mind and added security while traveling.