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With Reliant's FREE and secure online banking, you can access your account even when the credit union is closed! All you need is an internet connection and a computer or smart device!

Manage Accounts

With online banking, your account information is available with just the click of a mouse or the tap of a touchscreen. No matter the time of day, you can easily:

  • Check your account balances
  • See if checks have cleared
  • View recent transactions
  • View e-statements1

Have a Reliant Visa Platinum credit card? You can access your account through online banking, plus:

  • Review activity
  • Make payments
  • Get e-statements

Account Alerts

Sign up through online banking to receive alerts via email or text message2 about your Reliant account to help you monitor activity.  You can opt to:

  • Receive notification via email if your account balance falls below or exceeds a certain amount.
  • Receive alerts when your account balance falls below a certain amount
  • Receive alerts when deposits and payments are made that exceed a certain amount.
Log into your account through online banking to learn more!

Mobile App 

Download Reliant’s free mobile app or access online banking through the internet browser on a mobile device, and you can take advantage of the conveniences of online banking—no matter where you are!3 Visit our Mobile Banking page to learn more. 

Shared Access 

You can also allow others to access some or all of your accounts, without having to share a username and password. With Shared Access, you can allow another user(s) to view, make internal transfers, and/or pay bills (through your checking account) on some, or all of your accounts. It's easy to set up! Just log into online banking and click on "Share access with others" under the Online Services tab to get started.

Go Green with e-statements

Why are e-statements so great? Well, not only do they allow you to be a little greener by cutting back on paper waste, but they also allow you to receive your statements faster than you would receive them through the mail. Plus, you can access up to 18 months of statements through online banking, all in one place.

Opting for e-statements is easy! Once you're signed up for online banking and logged into your account, simply choose the "E-statements" header from the menu bar, and it'll walk you through the process!

Make Payments & Transfers

With online banking, paying bills and transferring funds has never been easier! Opt for online Bill Payer, and you can pay all of your bills securely with a few clicks of the mouse and skip a trip to the post office!

  • Click on Move Money within the navigation bar to discover a variety of transfer functions.
  • You can schedule and make transfers between your Reliant accounts.
  • The External Transfer option allows you to transfer to and from your accounts at other financial institutions.4 

Using Popmoney, you can send and receive money without dealing with the hassle of cash or checks.

  • It is FREE to use Popmoney, and it saves you on the cost of stamps!
  • Members can access Popmoney directly from the security and convenience of online banking to send money to anyone using the recipient’s email address, mobile phone number, or credit union/bank account information.
  • Similarly, members can receive money from others directly into their Reliant accounts!

Learn more about Popmoney.

Purchase Rewards

Turn everyday purchases into cash—earn rewards just for shopping with your Reliant Visa debit card tied to your Reliant checking account!

  • View and activate your available rewards through Reliant’s online banking site or mobile banking app. 
  • Then, shop using your Reliant Visa debit card, and enjoy the rewards!
  • The cash earned from redeeming your activated offers will be automatically deposited each month for the rewards redeemed the prior month.

1: Review Member Account Billing Rights that are disclosed on all member statements that are sent by US Mail.

2: By opting in for text message alerts, standard text messaging rates by your mobile phone/device provider may apply, and are the responsibility of the mobile phone/device owner. 

3: To access your account using Mobile Banking, you must first enroll your account in Online Banking. Once enrolled, you will use the same Username and Password to access your account through both online and mobile banking. Visit a branch or call 800-724-9282 to get set up in online banking.

4: There is a fee for each external transfer of your funds to another financial institution from Reliant. There is no fee to transfer your funds from another financial institution to Reliant.

5: You must be signed up for Online Banking to be able to take advantage of Purchase Rewards.

Enhancements to text and email alerts are here!

  • Simplified set-up
  • More types of email and text banking alerts
  • Additional customization options
  • Alerts will be more timely 

Manage alerts through online banking --

  • My Settings - Additional Services
  • "Manage Mobile Alerts" link on the My Accounts widget
  • "Set Mobile Alerts" on the right column of the Account History page

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