Reliant's GO! Account

An Account Created Just for You!

Whether you're in high school, college, or starting out in the "real world," you want an account that will GO with you, wherever life may lead you! This GO-everywhere, do-everything account—created for busy teens and 20-somethings who are always on the go—features FREE, at-your-fingertips services that give you access to your money on your terms.

A Checkbook?! What’s That?

You’ll get a checking account with your GO! Account, but that doesn’t mean you have to get in the habit of writing checks—you don’t even have to get any checks, if you don’t want them! With your GO! Account, you can get a Reliant Visa debit card—great for grabbing cash from the ATM, or for shopping online or in-store.

Your Grandma may still write checks, so if she sends one for your birthday, you can easily deposit it without making a trip to the credit union! Just use Mobile Check Deposit in Reliant’s mobile app!1

If you need to pay someone, you can use Popmoney to make a digital payment instead of writing a check.

Account Access, No Matter Where Life Takes You!

At this stage in your life, you’re here, there, and everywhere—and you need an account that can keep up!

You use your phone for everything, so we’ve made sure you’d be able to use it to access your Reliant account! Download Reliant’s mobile app2 using the link on this page, and no matter where you are, you’ll be able to manage your money and pay your bills3 from the palm of your hand. Click here to learn about other mobile banking options.

Did you know that Reliant is part of a CO-OP Shared Branch network of 5,000+ credit unions nationwide—and even some overseas? That means that with your GO! Account, you can visit any of those branches when you need to do an in-branch transaction, at no cost to you! 

GO Green!

Mom & Dad probably don’t mind getting mail for you even if you’re no longer at home, but it’s certainly easier for you if you don’t have to open a giant stack of mail when you visit them! Don’t forget to change your address with Reliant when you’re making a move to ensure we can get in touch.

Another easy way to keep that pile of mail to a minimum is to sign up for e-statements in online banking! They’re FREE, convenient, and great for the environment!

1: Sign up to utilize Mobile Check Deposit through Reliant’s mobile app. It may take up to one business day for your account to be approved for Mobile Check Deposit before you may utilize the free service.

2: To access your account using the mobile app, you must first enroll your account in Online Banking. Once enrolled, you will use the same Username and Password to access your account through both online banking and the mobile app. Visit a branch or call 800-724-9282 to get set up in online banking.

3: Payees must be added to your account through the mobile app or the full browser version of online banking. Once a payee has been added, you may pay that payee from the mobile banking site.

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Click here for a printable flyer about all the perks of Reliant's free GO! Account.

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