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A checking account with perks that apply to YOU!

We recognize that checking accounts are no longer just about checks. Do you frequently use your debit card to access your checking account at ATMs, at stores, and online? Do you also like the on-the-go convenience of mobile apps, mobile check deposit, and text alerts? If you do, the Debit Rewards account is the right fit for you!

Perks made for you 

Cash back on debit card purchases

You use your debit card all the time—why not get rewarded for it? With Reliant's Debit Rewards account, you'll get cash back for every point-of-sale transaction1 (i.e. any non-ATM purchase transaction) you make after 30 transactions each month. That means every swipe of your card at the grocery store, mobile-wallet payment for your latte, or online purchase using your debit card will get you closer to getting your cashback rewards. You can also earn cash back by making purchases with selected merchants through online banking with Reliant's Purchase Rewards program. It makes using your card that much more gratifying!

More details about your cashback rewards are available on our Checking  page.

No Reliant fees at other banks' ATMs

We know you're mobile—in more ways than one—which means you're not always near a Reliant ATM. When you have a Reliant Debit Rewards account, you'll never have to worry about getting charged a fee from Reliant at another bank's ATM!

Compare perks of the Debit Rewards account with other options on our Checking  page.


Features for your mobile lifestyle

As much as we love seeing our members face-to-face, we recognize that many people just don't have the time to make it into a branch regularly. Reliant's Debit Rewards account was designed for those of us who are always on-the-go—if you can't get to a branch, we've got you covered! For additional details about any of the options below, visit our Mobile Banking page.

Reliant's Mobile App

You use your phone for everything, so we’ve made sure you’d be able to use it to access your Reliant account! Download Reliant’s mobile app2 using one of the links on this page, and no matter where you are, you’ll be able to manage your money from the palm of your hand. 

Online and Mobile Bill Payer

There's no need to write checks and send payments through the mail—you can pay your bills from your computer, or even from your mobile device! It makes managing payments that much easier!

Mobile Check Deposit

It's easy to deposit checks without making a trip to the credit union! Just use Mobile Check Deposit—another great, free feature in Reliant’s mobile app!3

Pay Using Mobile Wallet

You can easily make purchases without getting out your wallet when you set your Reliant Visa debit card up with mobile wallet for your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet.

Pay Your Friends, the Dog-Walker, the Babysitter, etc.

If you need to pay someone, you can use Popmoney to make a digital payment instead of writing a check. It hooks right up to your Reliant Debit Rewards account!

Go Green with E-statements!

Keep your pile of mail to a minimum by signing up for e-statements. They're FREE, convenient, and great for the environment!


1: Any non-ATM transaction you conduct with your Reliant Visa debit card will count as a point-of-sale transaction. That means any time you use your card to make an online purchase, use your card with a PIN or with a signature at a merchant, or pay with your card using your mobile wallet, it will count toward your total monthly number of point-of-sale transactions—and will get you one step closer to earning rewards!

2: To access your account using the mobile app, you must first enroll your account in Online Banking. Once enrolled, you will use the same Username and Password to access your account through both online banking and the mobile app. Visit a branch or call 800-724-9282 to get set up in online banking.

3: Sign up to utilize Mobile Check Deposit through Reliant’s mobile app. To use this service, you must qualify for a checking account. It may take up to one business day for your account to be approved for Mobile Check Deposit before you may utilize the free service.

Easy Access to Your Account Through Reliant's Mobile App

You must be enrolled in Online Banking to access your account through our mobile banking site or the Reliant mobile app. To enroll in online banking, simply click on the "Register now" link above. Watch a quick video to get started!

View the demo for the iPhone mobile app. 

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