Whatever your loan needs are, Reliant has a solution to meet them. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you today. Apply in person, over the phone, or online. Use our convenient calculators to calculate payments, find out how much you can afford, compare rates and terms, and much more.   
View Reliant's great low loan rates and payment examples for all of your borrowing needs. 
Buyout Loans* 
Save money on interest by using a Reliant buyout loan to pay off the higher rate loans and credit card balances you have at other financial institutions. We offer a variety of terms so you can consolidate your payments into one manageable monthly amount.  
Debt Consolidation* 
A debt consolidation loan can help you better manage your finances and your time by combining several loans or bills into one manageable monthly payment.  
Home Improvement* 
Whatever your household project, a Reliant Home Improvement Loan can help you afford it. Find a payment plan that fits your budget.  If you have equity in your home, you may also want to consider a home equity loan. 
Lawn & Garden Equipment, Tractor and Utility Trailer Loans* 
Great rates and flexible terms are available to meet your needs for all seasons.   
One Payment Note 
Pay the interest monthly, but save the principal payment for later! This convenient solution is available when you are expecting funds to come in at a later time, but need the money up front.  
Overdraft Line of Credit 
Reliant offers a variety of overdraft options to meet your needs. 
Personal Unsecured* 
A personal unsecured loan can help you finance expenses that don't meet one of our other types of loan classifications. A variety of terms are available.  
Share Secured* 
Let the savings you have established serve as collateral to meet your loan needs. You will enjoy a great rate, and flexible terms. 
Certificate Secured* 
Use a Reliant certificate balance to secure your next loan. The money you are saving in a certificate will help you save even more on a lower loan rate! 
Manufactured Housing* 
Reliant offers loans for mobile homes, with terms available for new and used.  
*Payment Protection is available for your loan to help protect you and your family from financial hardship due to death or disability. 
Loan Payments by Phone. For information on how to pay your Reliant loan by phone, from a checking account at another financial institution, visit our Contact Us page.  
A $5.00 fee will apply for each payment made by phone. 

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