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Wherever you are in your financial journey, our free online financial courses will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed—not just in your finances, but in your life.

Each course consists of several 5-10 minute modules that you can work through at your convenience.  As you complete modules, you’ll be invited to create a username and password.  Registration isn’t required, but it will allow you to save and track your progress.

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Ready to make your financial dreams a reality? Get started by clicking on any of the course topics below.

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    Building Financial Capability

    You are more capable than you think.  Here, you can build the confidence it takes to make important financial decisions.

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    Financial Caregiving

    Take care of those you love. The responsibilities of caring for another person’s financial well-being can be difficult. With our help, you have resources and support to ease in to it.

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    Investing in Your Future

    Learn how to be more financially prepared in the years ahead. Starting financial habits young pays off in a big way down the road.

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    Owning a Home

    There’s a lot to know about buying a home. This program will help you know where you stand and give you the confidence to start the homebuying process.

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    Financial Foundations for Members

    Understand some basic yet key financial concepts using the tools in this course, and make better decisions related to managing your money.

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    Preparing for Retirement

    When do you want to retire? How much money will you need to get there? We’ve got the tools you’ll need to understand the different strategies you can employ to meet your retirement goals.

    Build a Roadmap
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    Small Business Essentials

    Got the entrepreneurial bug? Learn about the financial basics of owning a small business, including business plans, balance sheets, and credit.

    Take Charge
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    Growing Your Small Business

    You have what it takes to help your small business thrive! This program provides tools and ideas to help you overcome some of the challenges you might encounter as your business grows.

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    Personalized Course

    We recognize that everyone is different—pave your own financial path with this personalized course.  Answer some questions and get a custom course tailored to your goals in life.

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Achieve for Teens

Achieve for Teens features engaging courses, each made up of three to five 10-minute modules. The modules are developed for 7th-12th grade students and feature timely & relevant storylines, diverse characters, and fun interactions to engage students around critical financial topics. Click on a course below to get started.

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    Smart Budgeting

    Create a financial plan for an awesome roadtrip!

    It’s time to go!  Learn about what it’s going to take to make a plan, create a budget, build up savings, and prepare for an awesome roadtrip.

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    Smart Investing

    Be a changemaker!

    Jump into the action and make investment decisions that can have positive impacts over the long term

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    Smart Saving

    Learn how to be a smart saver by following the characters as they make decisions about how to save for short, medium and long term goals.

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